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Make MONEY with

Your Ice Shack!

What is ShackShare?

ShackShare is a Quick and Easy way to Make Money Online by renting out your Ice Shack. 

With ShackShare you can:
List Your Shack for Rent
Offer your Own Services & Amenities
Accept/Approve Renters
Connect your Bank & Get Paid Directly!

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Ca-ching! Users rent your Shack through ShackShare™ and YOU get Paid! 💰

the easiest way to

Rent Out your ice Shack!

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I registered my shack...what's next?

ShackShare is a place you can list your ice shack for rent. Users can sign up and rent your shack and pay you through ShackShare.

You can also offer your own amenities and services through your ShackShare account.

Closer to our launch date, you'll receive an email from us with a special link you can use to claim your listing and finish setting up your ShackShare account.

Your shack will be featured and listed FIRST among other Shacks in the search results.

Featured listings normally cost a premium subscription, but if you pre-register your shack now, you can have your Shack Featured Free!

ShackShare is free to use! If you Pre-Register your shack now, you'll get a Featured Listing at the top of the list for no cost!

We'll charge a small commission from your renters when they rent your shack. You can choose what your renters pay us and what they pay you when you set your rates. 

We are glad you are interested in renting through iShackShare!

Click here to be notified when our official sites launches.

When our official site launches, you'll have the opportunity to rent your next ice shack through your renters account on iShackShare!

Keep checking back! We'll post the exact date soon.

Join for introductory sponsorship opportunities.  These prices are valid until our site launches and will be honored after the launch for those who invest early.  

Bronze level: $19.95 per month

Your advertisement is on the sidebar of the site when people search your geographical area. 
Silver level: $29.95 per month
Your advertisement is on the sidebar of the site and in line with the search results for rentals in your geographical area. 
Gold level $39.95 per month
Your advertisement includes bronze and silver and is also placed in the printable itinerary when people book in your area. 
Platinum level $49.95 per month
Includes bronze, silver, and gold levels and also includes a feature interview about your business with social media highlights and special sale promos during local tournaments and derbys.
Affiliate program:
50% off any advertising program for displaying banners and other pop up displays at your location for  

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