PASTIME PRIORITIES is the company.
BAITLOAD (TM) is the Brand.

The patent pending Waxy Wizard(TM) is the first of a family of products designed to improve your fishing and bait loading experience.


Original concept was conceived on a Christmas Eve day while ice fishing. Drilled holes and put down a line to check before setting up fish house. The bite was fast and continuous… 12″ Crappie, 14 inch bass, 2 ft Northern, bluegill, bluegill, bluegill…one after another…too much fun to stop and set up fish house. Continuously removing gloves to rebait hook on a cold winter day led to numb fingers that made it difficult to reload the hook. When realized hook was in finger while trying to bait hook and could not feel it, the light bulb went off. There must be a better way!


The first prototype worked well, and additional benefits were observed such as no sawdust mess in the fish house or boat, and having individuals who do not like to touch worms baiting their own hooks! After several revisions and experimentation, we have our first product. Simply pre-load the Waxy Wizard before going out on the ice. It’s kind of like loading a 22 clip and well worth the time. You won’t regret it. You’ll probably want to have two or three of them so you don’t run out!


So far this has been a fun journey, and we hope you will be able to enjoy your BAITLOAD products!


We love the outdoors and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Tell us what we are doing right and how we can improve. We would also like to hear your BAITLOAD stories.


Get your bait on!


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